I Love Fairies 1.0

I Love Fairies 1.0: Fairies toolbar for Internet Explorer. Search for fairy information. Fairies toolbar for Internet Explorer. Search for fairy information. Blogs and other information sources about the subject of fairies. Easily access this information from your toolbar.

Fairy Arkanoid 1.0: Fairies are captured by evil dwarfs! Destroy dungeon blocks and free fairies!
Fairy Arkanoid 1.0

You are in Fairyland! Evil greedy captured and immured all the fairies in mysterious dungeons built of stone blocks. Many of those blocks contain secrets: some good and some bad. Can you destroy the blocks and save fairies? Undertake your rescue mission and use your skills collecting golden coins, magical jewels and extra life potion bottles. Fairys’ blessings and dwarfs’ curses will accompany you. And may good luck be your friend!

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Angels and Fairies Screensaver 02: Beautiful angels and fairies wallpapers in a slideshow set to soft music.
Angels and Fairies Screensaver 02

Beautiful images of angels and fairies in a slideshow set to soft music. Images resize to fit any screen resolution. This is really special.

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Lovely fairies raise many pets, each color of bubbles corresponding to a certain pet food. Come and help fairies to feed pets quickly. This is a multiple-level game. The levels of the game can be adjusted to low, middle or high, and there are five music formats to choose. With the same level the game will automatically time that players spend the shortest time to complete will get the highest scores.

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Fairy Jewels Game 2.0.1: Fairy Jewels Game is one of 300 Free Games you can download
Fairy Jewels Game 2.0.1

Fairy Jewels game is one of more than 300 free Games you can download & find at Free Ride Games. Go on a rescue mission in fairyland! An evil wizard has captured all the fairies in the land and locked them into his dark castle. It is up to you to free the fairies and to bring them back to fairyland. Can you save these sweet little creatures? Download Fairy Jewels game for free.

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YoudaFairy 1.0: Are you ready for a new adventure of forest wizard and relies fairies?
YoudaFairy 1.0

fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villagers houses. The old wizard will also teach you the secrets of wizardry instructing you on the spells and potions you will need to defeat the dark forces. But beyond the magical pond the peaceful kingdom

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My Little Kitchen Fairies 1.0

My Little Kitchen Fairie toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find new and retired My Little Kitchen Fairy Collectibles. Our Kitchen Fairy Club is a community of My Little Kitchen Fairy collectors who share their collections with others!

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